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What Makes a Successful After School Program for Kids

These days when both parents are working, they are often depending on the schools to provide programs for their children after school. I have had the privilege to work in many after school programs locally for the organization with whom I am employed, Mountain Top Music Center. I have had 7 years of learning how […]

Using Skype for Marketing and in the Classroom

I have to say that I only recently had the privilege to Skype with a couple of classes, and I am in love with it! I travel a couple of hours to do some shows and go to local preschool classes regularly. I love writing for and singing with children, but being able to visit […]

A Pippilo and Jumping Up and Down: Good Songs for Young Children

Parents and children’s song writers know that there is a huge world of children’s music to be found, and it comes in many different styles! Most all of it is lively and has great rhythm. After seven years of experience with singing and writing for young children I have come up with a few rules […]

The Value of Group Classes for Toddlers

I have been teaching a toddler music class for 9 years now, and I can say it is probably one of my favorite classes. I watch these little shy toddlers come in not knowing what to expect. They aren’t babies anymore, but they are not ready for preschool yet. Now they are sitting in a […]

Teaching Left and Right to Preschoolers through Music

Learning left from right is one thing that music easily allows us to teach preschoolers. Most preschoolers do not know which hand is their left hand and which is their right hand. Having that sense of left from right is so important to opening up their little minds. Adding movement activities that require a response […]

Group Guitar Classes for Young Children

Teaching a group class for instruction on any instrument can definitely have its challenges. One on one instruction is clearly a better option in most cases. So why should a parent enroll his/her child in a group class? I am going to talk about the advantages of a group guitar class for children. A group guitar […]

Using Movement and Manipulatives in a Preschool Music Class

When teaching music to preschoolers, the first thing we must do is to make sure that they are interested and able to understand the concepts. Teaching very young children is not the same as teaching adults. Young children are not ready to learn so many concepts that we as adults take for granted. Now before […]

How Do You Know When Your Child is Ready for Piano Lessons?

As I work with young children everyday, I have the privilege of watching them develop cognitively and musically. I watch very young children go from banging random beats on a drum gradually learn to follow a steady beat and then finally be able to hold a steady beat through the duration of an entire song. […]

Why I Love Teaching Music to Young Children

I started teaching music and singing with young children a little over seven years ago. I fell in love with it instantly, mostly because I saw immediately how much young children love and respond to music. I knew I had something powerful and very influential going on. I then knew I had to work on […]

My New Blog Page

Welcome to my new blog page – please check back to find out what’s new!