Music for Kids with Sharon Novak

There is nothing in this world I love more than singing and writing songs for very young children. I have written over 50 songs for young children and am still writing them. I love writing for them so much and it has become so second nature that I have literally written some songs in my sleep.

I sing with little children almost every day during the school year and a lot of days during the week in the summer as well. I have been singing with babies, toddlers, preschoolers and very young elementary children for over 10 years now and I don’t plan on stopping. It is my deepest passion.

Here’s what I do. I sing for preschool classes. This is where the majority of my songwriting happens. I specifically write songs that little children love and understand. I’m all about teaching little ones in such a way that they are having so much fun that they do not know they are learning. As you will see from my blogs, I use a lot of hands on activities such as felt activities. I sing zipper songs that the children can fill in. They love this as it empowers them to be able to add to the song that I am writing. I always have children moving in every class. Little ones cannot learn if they aren’t able to move. All of the songs I write have them doing their favorite things like clapping their hands and jumping up and down.

Does your library need a musical story time where little ones are learning their colors, ABCs, numbers and doing fun educational movement songs? Does your lower elementary school need a performance for your very young students? Does your preschool need a music class on a weekly or biweekly schedule? Do you need a one time performance in your preschool? I can do that and have done that. And if you are not nearby you can order one of my CDs or find me on iTunes or Spotify or many other streaming sites. My CDs are in a lot of classrooms across the country. I have been told that my music is superior to a lot as little children totally “get it.”

But I don’t only sing for preschool classes and libraries. I write my songs with the attitude of a show which I do very well. I can do a show of any size from a small birthday party to a much larger show in a theater. I do always prefer plenty of room to move because I do not expect my young audience to sit and just listen to music. They have to move and do activities. I often will have bubbles, kazoos, movement and learning activities incorporated in my larger shows. For my smaller shows I will have instruments lying out in front of me for little ones to play. And for your events this is a welcome sight for little children who get bored easily. My larger shows will often include my dinosaur friend, Dennis, who helps with some of my activities.

I can do birthday parties for little ones, and music is a fantastic one year old party idea. I can sing during fairs and festivals which provides instrument playing and activities for your little ones. I don’t always use Dennis for these smaller shows though upon request and proper pay I can be flexible and work to accommodate your event. Are you a hotel or a business that needs a performer for little ones to help keep them entertained? I can do that also. Do you have an event where little ones need to be entertained? I am the person you would love to have.

Check out my music, or better than that, let your children check out my music. It totally works!