This is what people are saying about Sharon Novak’s music and events

Community Events

Sharon has been performing at our Railroad events for years.  The energy and enthusiasm that she brings to her musical sets is contagious, and the kids (and their parents!) love her!
Susan Logan, Manager, Marketing & Events, Conway Scenic Railroad.

Enjoyed by the the children as well as the adults

Your class is very interactive with the children. You play classic songs as well as putting a twist on your own melody's. Your creative by using puppets and scarves as well as traditional instruments. It is enjoyed by the the children as well as the adults.

What a positive impact on children

My children are ages two and four, and they LOVE Sharon's music. Since they were only weeks old, we've been experiencing her singing, guitar playing, rhythm beats, fingerplays, and more with her traditional and original songs. We visit her at Mountain Top Music in Conway, NH and the Mount Washington Valley Children's museum in North Conway, NH. She also provides weekly "music time" at my son's preschool, Children Unlimited, Inc. in Conway, NH. We've also enjoyed her entertaining children at fundraisers all over New Hampshire. Sharon's Music for Children has positively impacted my children's early years. Music is a language that helps develop children's brains. It can be soothing, peaceful, motivating, and exciting. The rhythm can help with balance and a child's first walking steps. Songs can help develop language and confidence. Sharon's music is the best time of the week for my children, especially for my son who was born with a rare brain disorder. My family is very lucky to have Sharon in their lives. --Lucie Villeneuve

She fills the room with a joyful sound and energy

Sharon Novak's love of music is so evident that it is contagious, and the children and adults listening to her can't help but join in the the fun. I bring my 10 month old grandson to see her sing and play guitar at the Children's Museum in North Conway, and he loves it! The children surround her and dance and play instruments. She has a wonderfully gentle voice that fills the room with a joyful sound and her energy is beautiful.Don't miss her! - Nancy Russo

Great experience for both parent and child

Sharon's music classes are a delightful experience for both parent and child. Her passion and love for music are infectious and you will surely have a wonderful time in any of her musical events. I know my daughter's future relationship with music is blooming beautifully with Sharon's teachings

Thank you

So grateful that you helped my son discover music at such a young age - you have fostered his passion and helped him move on to his next journey - a community is fortunate to have you - thank you!