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How Does Your Child Develop and Learn?

This issue came up in my music class today and I realized that this is something I need to write to all of you parents about. How can parents know when their young child is ready to start formally learning a new concept? What and how should I teach them things? I have worked with […]


According to Gina Perry in the January 21, 2013 edition of the BBC news magazine, lullabies have been around for over 4,000 years. Bambi Turner in How It Works health article points out that lullabies have been proven to be far more effective than the spoken word. For me, writing lullabies has been my deepest […]

Meet My New Pippilo

I’m totally in love with this guy. I’ve been writing and singing about my Pippilo for almost five years now, but the last song I wrote demanded that my Pippilo join me in my act. I had to get him to stay on my shoulder in such a way that the children would be able […]

Parents, Learn to Give Yourself a Break

I just read an article that said that being a mom is like working two and a half jobs! No wonder we are so tired. Being demanded upon by our children non stop is exhausting. We love them, but still fantasize about being alone and free. My children have gotten past that baby stage now, […]

Ten Little Pigs in a Pen

This is a song that teaches little ones how to count, how to subtract, how to take turns, how to listen to directions and how to listen to the words and instructions in a song being sung to them. That is a lot of things isn’t it? Yet the song is so simple. You will […]

Mama Dinosaur

This is an activity song that I wrote for toddlers and young preschoolers to teach them colors. I tell them about how mama dinosaur when she has babies lays eggs. She then digs a hole in the ground and puts her eggs in there to keep them safe. I tell them that you are going […]

How Do You Walk Like a Dinosaur?

This is a favorite for those who buy my music.  This song is so useful in preschool classrooms  Little ones love this song.  All I have to do is ask them, “How do you walk like a dinosaur? We have to walk really heavy.” They love it! I then continue the song with other animals […]

A Christmas Show for Young Children

Every year I do at least one big Christmas show for little ones. This is a big production. I have Santa Claus and my friend, Dennis the dinosaur, join me. I prepare bags which I give out to each child so they can use the objects in the bag to help them with the activities […]

Using Kazoos

Kazoos are such an awesome addition to teaching music and singing with children. They love them.  Even if they don’t get a chance to play them they love hearing them. I love watching a group of children with whom I am singing break into laughter the moment they watch me and hear me play the […]