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Santa’s on His Way

Here is a fun song that I use as a zipper song. A zipper song is a song where you leave blanks for the children to fill in. Here I ask the children what they want for Christmas and sing the song, “Dear Santa, want you bring me a ____” and I fill in the […]

Santa’s Dancing Around the Christmas Tree

This is simply a fun movement song for Christmastime. Children will love “dancing around the Christmas tree” with Santa! As a matter of fact young children love Christmas so much that this will make this song all the more fun! As I do in all of my movement songs I start with clapping and gradually […]

One More Night ’til Christmas

Here is a song with all of Santa’s reindeer named.  This song is written and designed to teach young children the names of Santa’s reindeer. Here’s what I recommend doing.  Assign nine different children a reindeer either in stuffed animal form or felt form or have nine children wear antlers and represent one of the […]

Christmas Tree

I love this song on my album, Santa’s on His Way. This song is a favorite. It involves the simple activity of decorating the Christmas tree. As the children hear the items such as a stocking, star or bell, they simply put the item on the Christmas tree. Teachers or parents, you can use a […]

How Does Your Child Develop and Learn?

This issue came up in my music class today and I realized that this is something I need to write to all of you parents about. How can parents know when their young child is ready to start formally learning a new concept? What and how should I teach them things? I have worked with […]

Zipper Songs: My Kitty’s in My Bottom Dresser Drawer, Frogs in My Backyard

Young children love zipper songs. What are zipper songs? Zipper songs are songs that allow children to fill in the words to complete the song. Young children love these songs because they are the ones who are adding the words. I can tell you from experience just how empowered this makes them feel. For this […]


According to Gina Perry in the January 21, 2013 edition of the BBC news magazine, lullabies have been around for over 4,000 years. Bambi Turner in How It Works health article points out that lullabies have been proven to be far more effective than the spoken word. For me, writing lullabies has been my deepest […]

Meet My New Pippilo

I’m totally in love with this guy. I’ve been writing and singing about my Pippilo for almost five years now, but the last song I wrote demanded that my Pippilo join me in my act. I had to get him to stay on my shoulder in such a way that the children would be able […]

Parents, Learn to Give Yourself a Break

I just read an article that said that being a mom is like working two and a half jobs! No wonder we are so tired. Being demanded upon by our children non stop is exhausting. We love them, but still fantasize about being alone and free. My children have gotten past that baby stage now, […]

Ten Little Pigs in a Pen

This is a song that teaches little ones how to count, how to subtract, how to take turns, how to listen to directions and how to listen to the words and instructions in a song being sung to them. That is a lot of things isn’t it? Yet the song is so simple. You will […]