Meet My New Pippilo

I’m totally in love with this guy. I’ve been writing and singing about my Pippilo for almost five years now, but the last song I wrote demanded that my Pippilo join me in my act. I had to get him to stay on my shoulder in such a way that the children would be able to see him, and what I had was just not working. I had a link to a company that could make a stuffed animal to match a child’s drawing. This company, Budsies, was able to do the job, and how wonderful was the work they did!

After I received my Pippilo, I sewed Velcro on the bottom of him and now I attach him to the other part of the Velcro that is successfully stuck to a sturdy leather vest that I wear while I attach my Pippilo to me. I attached a hair elastic to his left hand so that I could attach his left hand to a pony tail that I have in my hair. Voila! He is successfully attached and sits perfectly on my right shoulder.

The children absolutely love being able to see this awesome little guy sitting on my shoulder. I have to personally thank Budsies for the wonderful work. Please check out my Pippilo songs on my CDs. I have written one song about the adventures of my Pippilo for each CD starting with Dance with Me. He is really a preschooler who gets in trouble doing things that preschoolers might be apt to do or does things that encourages the little ones to laugh. He is perfect for children who are four years old and older. And adults love him too!