Entries by Carla Schneider

The Car Song

This is a favorite! Children love the car song activity when they get to drive the cars on the road and into the garage. Children listen to the song while they have a different color car in their hand. When I sing about the color of the car that they have in their hand they […]

Color Song

This is one of the first songs I would sing with children when I started singing with them. I have adapted this song from another that I’ve heard and sing it to the tune of Skip to My Lou. The children absolutely love it. I recorded it on my first CD with a couple of […]

My Dinosaur’s Colors

In the year before I released my third CD, How Do You Walk Like a Dinosaur?, I wrote a few songs that involved dinosaurs. Why? Simply because little children love dinosaurs. I wrote the song, My Dinosaur’s Colors, so that children would have an activity where they were learning colors and shapes.  I then created […]

Birthday Parties

Singing at a birthday party for little ones is one of my favorite things. The best birthday parties I do are for little ones who turn one year old.  Those little ones love the instruments that I bring. My music is most engaging and entertaining for these little ones. I am easily available in New […]

Bumpity, Bumpity

Bumpity, Bumpity is a fun song that works very well as a bouncing song for babies. I wrote this song with the original intent to use with preschoolers to show slow and fast, and they love it!  I discovered when I started singing it for my babies that moms were enjoying bouncing their little ones […]

The Number Song

All of the songs that I write for young children are specifically written to teach little ones skills such as following directions, listening for a turn or moving as instructed. I also am enjoying writing songs that teach knowledge like knowing colors, shapes, numbers and ABCs. The Number Song is one of those songs. Children […]

There’s a Gorilla in My Alphabet Soup

I am going to write about a song I have just recently written but have not yet recorded. I realized about a month ago that I had not written a song for the classroom about the alphabet. Now that’s a tough one for me because everyone knows and loves the traditional alphabet song. How can […]

Cooper Caterpillar

Here is my friend, Cooper Caterpillar. I wrote this song this year (2018) and have been developing the activity that goes with this song. You will find this song on my sixth CD, Clap Your Hands. As you can see this is a very easy easy activity for you to create. Simply go on Amazon […]

A New Rug for My Babies Class

That sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? I am always working on making my classes interesting and educational for my little children. Usually I am creating activities for my preschool and kindergarten classes. Today, however, I had a different idea. For the next two years my songwriting will be specifically focused on my babies, and as […]

The Process of Creating a CD

On my newest CD are 11 original songs. Here are the stages of writing and recording an original song. (I have written about 40 songs total.) 1. Write the song. Usually I sit down with my guitar and let ideas flow. 2. Voice memo my song in all stages. I like listening to how my […]