My Dinosaur’s Colors

In the year before I released my third CD, How Do You Walk Like a Dinosaur?, I wrote a few songs that involved dinosaurs. Why? Simply because little children love dinosaurs. I wrote the song, My Dinosaur’s Colors, so that children would have an activity where they were learning colors and shapes.  I then created a huge felt activity where the children put the shapes on Dennis.

This activity teaches them to listen for the name of the shape and the color that they are holding and respond by putting that shape on Dennis’s shirt. I find that they totally enjoy this activity. I purposely made the cover of the CD the way that I did so that any preschool or kindergarten teacher could use the picture on the cover to create the patterns to make this activity. I always encourage teachers to use felt. It lasts a long time and children love it.  When gluing felt I find that wood glue works! Download my song or buy the CD and use with your preschool class.  This is a fantastic activity to teach shapes, colors, listening and following directions.  I must point out that following the rhythm of music is so helpful for learning the pace and pulse of reading.  Here are a couple of links to this song.