Using Skype for Marketing and in the Classroom

I have to say that I only recently had the privilege to Skype with a couple of classes, and I am in love with it! I travel a couple of hours to do some shows and go to local preschool classes regularly. I love writing for and singing with children, but being able to visit a class halfway across the country is a fabulous experience. I want to use this blog to express to anyone who has a product to market the wonderful benefits of being able to Skype.

Here are three benefits that come to my mind immediately:

1. You can share in places that are too far to travel. This is the first and most obvious benefit. When you Skype you can go places that you could not physically go.

2. You save money. You can visit more places around the country that lack of money would not normally allow you do. Travel is expensive. Skyping costs nothing.

3. Because travel time is not involved, you can visit more groups in shorter periods of time. Now this is efficient use of time! If you have the time and energy, this is a very wise option.

I cannot express to people who want to market and share the value of being able to Skype enough. You will definitely increase your audience, many more people will get to know who you are.

Anyone who receives services via Skype saves money as well. Because travel expenses and time involved in traveling aren’t involved, costs are minimal.

I know that teaching through Skype for me is almost as wonderful as being physically present in other classrooms. If I simply adjust my repertoire a bit, I have huge and lasting success with the children I meet. I love what I do, so please feel free to connect with me at musicforkids. I would love to meet more wonderful young children! Skype in the Classroom offers free exchange of services between classrooms so check them out as well! Every educator should take this option very seriously and make it part of their routine. Why?

1. Your own children are opened up to wonderful new experiences. These experiences may not be available to you in your community, but with Skype so many rich opportunities and exchanges become available.

2. You may have the privilege of exchanging ideas with children/students in other countries. Imagine being able to travel from your own classroom. The rewards for student are obvious.

3. Children are introduced to the benefits of using technology to learn new things. This lesson is invaluable in today’s world. What a wonderful way to show them the fun things we can do using technology. Young people today know and use many of its benefits already, and using something like Skype in the Classroom only reinforces its benefits.

Nothing beats being in any place personally, but Skype offers the next best option! I have already made lasting friendships and connections! Start setting up today if you have not already done it!