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Zipper Songs: My Kitty’s in My Bottom Dresser Drawer, Frogs in My Backyard

Young children love zipper songs. What are zipper songs? Zipper songs are songs that allow children to fill in the words to complete the song.

Young children love these songs because they are the ones who are adding the words. I can tell you from experience just how empowered this makes them feel. For this reason I have already written two zipper songs, Frogs in My Backyard and My Kitty’s in My Bottom Dresser Drawer.

When I recorded these songs I had already put the words in because the song would not be too interesting on the CD without the words. I added words that the children tend to use.

So how can you use these songs? You will need to sing them without the CD and ask the kids to fill in the blanks. For Frogs in My Backyard you will have to ask them what kind of foods do the frogs like to eat. They will love naming the foods. I usually tell them to think of food that they love to eat. The chords on this song are C, F, G, C for the verses and the very end. On the part that says, “They were eating ____________, they were eating ____________” you would use the chords F, C, G, C and then back to C, F, G, C for the end. You could play that on a ukulele, guitar or a piano or whatever instrument is accessible or you could sing it acapella.

My Kitty’s in my Bottom Dresser Drawer is totally a favorite. The children will tell you what the kitty leaves in the bottom dresser drawer. My chords are D, A, D, D, G, D, A, D and that repeats. If you play an instrument you will likely hear these.

My Kitty’s in My Bottom Dresser Drawer is on my CD, Clap Your Hands, and Frogs in My Backyard is on How Do You Walk Like a Dinosaur?