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Santa’s on His Way

Here is a fun song that I use as a zipper song. A zipper song is a song where you leave blanks for the children to fill in. Here I ask the children what they want for Christmas and sing the song, “Dear Santa, want you bring me a ____” and I fill in the blank with what the child tells me he or she wants for Christmas. Children absolutely love zipper songs. They feel totally empowered when they fill in the blanks of a song you sing with the entire  class.  They also love telling you what they want for Christmas.

This song can be sung with or without an instrument. If you use an instrument the chords are G, C, D, G in verses repeated and chorus has these chords, C, G, D, G, (D, G) repeat.

One thing that I do when I sing my Christmas songs is to bring a Santa for the children to see. In my image here you can see that I  have added a sleigh.

If you don’t want to do the activity, the children will still very much enjoy the song on the CD as it talks about Santa and toys.

Christmas Tree

I love this song on my album, Santa’s on His Way. This song is a favorite. It involves the simple activity of decorating the Christmas tree. As the children hear the items such as a stocking, star or bell, they simply put the item on the Christmas tree.

Teachers or parents, you can use a small Christmas tree for your child or children to decorate or you can create a felt tree for children to decorate and make the items to put on that tree. Gather the ornaments that we sing in the song or make them for your felt tree. This is a festive activity that little ones absolutely love. Little ones feel very involved in the process of decorating the Christmas tree and they also will have to listen to the cues on the song to invite them to add the ornament.

A Christmas Show for Young Children

Every year I do at least one big Christmas show for little ones. This is a big production. I have Santa Claus and my friend, Dennis the dinosaur, join me. I prepare bags which I give out to each child so they can use the objects in the bag to help them with the activities I include in my show. 

Doing a show with little ones requires that they be able to move and get involved in the show. I always incorporate kazoos and bubbles into my show. I have a jingle bell for the song jingle bells and if you look closely you will see felt items. These are used to place on Dennis’s shirt and Cooper Caterpillar. I have also added an apple with a number to be placed in a basket to as I sing my number song.  Little ones’ love being involved.

Now I have to balance my songs. I start with a couple of movement songs. I sprinkle in a few favorite Christmas songs like Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer. Then there are the felt or learning activities. In the last ten minutes Santa is invited to join us. The moment he enters, Dennis and I are no longer the stars.  This show is an awesome show for little ones.  It grows every year as parents realize just how fun it is for their children.  

And look! In the end children get to visit with Santa Claus!